The Privacy Engineer‘s Manifesto 英文PDF 自动发货

The Privacy Engineer‘s Manifesto 英文PDF

发布时间: 2020-02-20

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课程名称:The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto 英文PDF

Part 1 – Getting Your Head Around Privacy
Chapter 1: Technology Evolution and People
Chapter 2: Foundational Concepts and Frameworks
Chapter 3: Data and Privacy Governance Concepts

Part 2 - The Privacy Engineering Proces
Chapter 4: Developing Privacy Policies
Chapter 5: Developing Privacy Requirements Use Cases
Chapter 6: A Privacy Engineering Life Cycle Methodology
Chapter 7: The Privacy Component App
Chapter 8: A Runner’s App
Chapter 9: Privacy Engineering Methodology Using Vacation Planner
Chapter 10: Privacy Engineering Quality Assurance and Privacy Impact Assessment

Part 3 - Organizing for the Privacy Information Age
Chapter 11: Engineering Your Organization to Be Privacy Ready
Chapter 12: Organizational Design and Alignment

Part 4 - Where Do We Go from Here?
Chapter 13: Data Asset or Liability Value and Metrics
Chapter 14: A Vision for the Future: The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto
Chapter 15: Appendix A - Use Case Metadata


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